Health IT Implementations Now a Team Sport: Q&A with Sue Schade

To better understand the changing spheres of influence in the provider technology decision-making process, we spoke with one of the industry’s Vital Voices, Sue Schade, Principal at StarBridge Advisors and interim chief technology officer at the University of Vermont Health Network, to learn more about how she is advising clients navigating through the intricacies of health IT procurement and implementation.

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Is That Tweet Legal? Influencer Marketing Compliance Considerations

As influencers continue to engage closely with healthcare and digital health brands — and the lines between marketing, communications and education continue to blur — understanding the rules of engagement and having defined social media guidelines in place are imperatives.

We asked one of the industry’s Vital Voices, Po Yi — a partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, focused on media, advertising and marketing — to weigh in on the questions she’s hearing most from clients today, and how she is helping guide healthcare organizations safely through the influencer marketing and engagement labyrinth.

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In Healthcare Technology, Black Turtlenecks Are Just a Symptom: The Sickness is The Lack of Evidence and Research

Digital health risks repeating mistakes of the past unless it commits to leveraging data and publishing more research.

This week I’ll be in Boston, a city I love and loathe. Loathe -- because I’m a prototypical Philly sports fan who is generally resentful of the success enjoyed by the most wicked awesome collection of pro sports teams over the past 15 years. Love -- because Boston is the mecca of healthcare technology, an industry I’m passionate about and fortunate enough to have spent the last decade and a half building with many of its leaders.

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Vital Voices: Julie Murchinson, CEO of Health Evolution Summit, on the Power of Community and Driving Diversity in Healthcare

What makes the Health Evolution Summit different from the plethora of other healthcare conferences in the industry? For Julie Murchison, CEO of Health Evolution Summit, it’s all about the power of the community, and bringing together healthcare executives, innovators and policy makers to make massive health disruption possible.

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One Marketer’s Top Takeaway from #HIMSS19: Digital Health has a Messaging Problem on its Hands; and the Solution May Just be More Technology

As someone who has worked in digital health for the last 12 years across public relations, investor relations and marketing, I have seen HIMSS go from relative obscurity in the business world to one of the hottest conferences on the planet. And there’s no secret why: it’s driven by the money that has flowed into digital health to the tune of 8 billion in 2018. Where the money goes, the buzz follows.

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#JPM19 - The Race to Innovate In Primary Care

For our inaugural Tech & Health Luncheon at #JPM19, we invited a panel of digital health industry leaders and entrepreneurs reshaping the world of primary care–traditionally the realm of independent or hospital-owned doctor practices. They included Sharon Vitti, senior vice president and executive director at CVS Health/Minute Clinic, Jenni Vargas, chief strategy officer of One Medical, Tony Boselli, president of Caredox and Iyah Romm, CEO of Cityblock.

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Vital Voices: Lisa Suennen the Venture Valkyrie on #JPM19 & #DigitalHealth

Lisa Suennen is one of those rare venture capitalists with a deep understanding of health technology. She has been investing in the sector since before it became hot… So who better than Suennen to kick off our #vitalconversations blog and give us a perspective on this year’s 37th J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference and the health of #digitalhealth?

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